She Won’t Love You For Who You Are



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Men are conditioned their entire life that they will be loved for “who they are”.


This is not the case.

Women love you for what you have become, what you have earned, what you have killed for. Not what you were born with. This is how the world works for women. Not for men.

The whole “loves me for who I am” shtick is what Disney has instilled in young men from a young age.

And look at what’s going on with that wonderful company lately.

Nothing good.

But that’s not all.

Problem is that for all the poison that has entered the mind of a Western male as to what is a “desirable” man, it’s also made Western women have absolutely bat-shit-insane expectations for men, too.

Sure honey, you can weigh in at the size of an NFL linebacker, curse like a pirate, and have genuinely nothing attractive about you — you totally deserve a mega-Chad.

That’s not how it works.

Good luck convincing them on that.

Luckily, there is an easier solution.

Download this guide and implement it:

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