The 18 Essentials for Easy Relationships

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18 Essentials

The #1 way to be more mysterious.

Hint: it involves taking her to McDonald's.

Why you can't argue with women.

The biggest mistake every man inevitably makes.

Expert advice.

Avoid the crazy ones who will make your life a living hell...they're everywhere.

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Kyle is an interesting character. He holds with the traditional societal model, but he knows it's broken and he is working around it to live life his way. I respect that.

Regardless of whether a man wants to live out a playboy lifestyle or settle down one day, or even if he wants both, he'll find the skills he needs in these pages.

Tyler C.

Great read. You might not apply all of these techniques in your own life, but the underlying principles of cultivating abundance are sound.

Kyle Trouble writes in a readable style, and is a very accessible author.