Raising Puppies and Training Women



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When I got my corgi, Hulk, in August of 2019, I first read a couple of books about raising puppies.

And when I did, I was shocked to find that there were many parallels to raising puppies AND how to have a successful long-term relationship with a woman.

In reading about puppies, the most formative weeks are the first few months of their lives. 

This is when they are heavily reliant on you, want to follow you everywhere, and are generally fearless. Therefore, it’s important during this time period to socialize them and get them used to as many different situations as possible. You teach them that the world is not scary at all, and that they can conquer anything and everything.

While inevitably some feminist will hate the fact that I’m comparing dog training to relationships (and I’ve written that exact post on my blog before), it’s even more and more true. 

It makes sense to draw all boundaries in the sand early on in a relationship. 

At this point, a girl is head-over-heels for you, with all sorts of happy chemicals driving her to pair bond and reproduce with you. 

Not to mention, no girl wants to rock the boat with a guy she really likes when she first meets him. So, yes, it makes a TON of sense to “train” her during this time period. This doesn’t mean you literally walk her around on a leash (unless that’s your thing), but it does mean that you are going to show her who is the boss, what you expect, and what you do overall will be the driving force of the remainder of your relationship. It is a lot easier to establish respect and a dominance hierarchy early on in the relationship. 

Trying to do it later is much more difficult…

To learn more about how to do it, grab this free guide:


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Raising Puppies and Training Women
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