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Time for a good little Q&A and comment session today…

First in, reader Ben asks…

Do you know any tips of how to date Russian women?

I sat down with my friend who spent significant time in Russia a few years ago, and updated this article recently myself after talking to a few other people who have lived in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Give it a read here.

Q&A about Russian girls.


(in response to me saying that traffic in the major US cities like LA is out of control)

Yeah, it is. But I’ve been stuck in *longer* traffic jams around Paris, London and Amsterdam.

Yes, but in all of those cities there’s the option to take public transit as needed. That’s my personal real issue with the US. You have to have a car. And you HAVE to sit in traffic jams. I’d rather be jammed in the metro like a sardine than sit in traffic for two hours to go 10 miles.

We have taxation by citizenship but we get almost nothing for it.

No healthcare.

No working public transit.

No social security for us young folk.

Nothing for all that tax money, except a blue passport with an eagle on it.

Plus, we’re hardly free.

I used my personal FREEDOM last year to choose not to have health care.

And I got a bill from the IRS for it.

Hardly free.

Reader Tim writes in:

My experiences weave through a learning experience in person starting with a Ukrainian woman I met in California.

I have used both the pay per letter services and fee based sites. Oddly, it is with more expensive sites that I have had some success. I have not met anyone from the fee services and have met ones from the expensive sites that I have remained friends with.

It is a complicated journey and most of it is opportunistic people looking to separate you from your money. Fortunately I could afford this. But at the end of the day my closest friend is one that I did not meet on a dating site. Can I share a couple points of view with you? My advice to anyone looking to use a site is simple…don’t.

As you mentioned in your article “just get on a plane and go stay for a while.

I don’t know about Tim, but personally, why go on a dating site and then “make friends”.

Female friends are overrated. A man needs brotherhood with his friends. Not sisterhood. There is almost nothing a female friend can bring most men to the table.

One, you shouldn’t need her as a shoulder to cry on, because you shouldn’t be crying in the first place.

Two, she can’t help you move.

Three, when it comes down to it, she’s unable to understand what you go through as a man because she has never been through her, and women’s biology dictates that they have a really, really tough time actually understanding anything outside of their own personal portal.

Anywho, like I said, men needs brothers as friends.


“Actually Abroad”.

A community I’m slowly but surely building up to help men break out of the rat race, find a nice girl(s), and get abroad to foreign countries. Basically, for men who are sick of “the system” in the USA and are ready to make a change.


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