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Reader J wrote in yesterday in response to my “Russian boogeyman” email:

I see it the same way here too, Kyle. Got a Russian GF here in Texas and we discuss these topics quite frequently. Being former military I can say US is definitely poking the bear. Sucks that our “leaders” keep pushing us to the brink of war, while the everyday people on both sides want none of it.

Keep up the good fight and buy bitcoin!


Hold your horses.

An intelligent woman who can talk politics in a reasonable and sane way without getting emotional?

Say it isn’t so.

You think he’s lying, don’t you?

While that’s shocking enough, here’s more to chew on:

One thing that I always, always go back to when it comes to countries like China and Russia is that they don’t want to KILL their own people.

Do they want to control them? Of course.

But I don’t think Putin wants to kill Russians, he wants Russia to rule the world. I’d put Xi in the same boat. He wants to control Chinese people and take over the world, doesn’t mean he wants them dead.

Americans are the ones that don’t make sense to me, because our politicians seem hell-bent on destroying our county as fast as they possibly can.

And it starts young.

Take, as an example, my experience after hitting a gym here in California the other day. I have to say:

Even the fit American girls are just “off”.

No breasts, boy bodies, just enough fat in the wrong places. They’re not attractive. They look genuinely weathered and beat down.

The whole birth control at age 12 really screws with women. I’m convinced this is the reason.

It’s honestly sad. 

Big Pharma wants every teenage girl on hormonal birth control so they can rake in profits for years and years and years. 

The result is an entire generation of women robbed of having normal bodies and health. 


But wait, there’s more…

Take it a step further…

They want everybody sick, fat, lazy, slow, stupid, and in general poor health. It’s what this whole COVID thing has been about from the start.

Which is why, unless things changes, I firmly believe that men should look abroad for women. Regardless of mandates, laws, travel hassles, etc.

It’s by far the best bet for men these days.

Case in point, the fact that a reader shared this story about a Russian girl who can have a reasonable discussion with him about this.

(Dare you to talk Russia/Ukraine with your American family this Thanksgiving…)

Which is why, until Sunday night, I’m putting the old “Dating Abroad Podcast” archives on sale for a whopping 70% off.

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