Prevention is the best medicine, props to Putin



Mr. Putin over in Russia has some plans to make sure that marriage in Russia stays between men and women. Naturally, sensitive snowflakes all over the world are upset at the big evil Russian man for now allowing whoever to marry whatever they want (“you mean I can’t marry my dog, how dare you!”).

My thoughts?

This is how you keep society and culture intact.

I have no issue with gay marriage.

But it doesn’t end there.

Then it’s gay parades.

Next is drag queen show & tell.

Then kids change genders at age 5.

It NEVER ends.

(As we are continuing to find out in the States).

Hence the title of this post:

Prevention is the best medicine.

People will always push and push the boundaries of what you do or don’t allow. It starts off as children. Women continue it until the day they’re put in the ground. Test the limits. If limits are allowed to be pushed, push them even farther. Continue doing this for eternity with no repercussions whatsoever. The madness will never end unless people are told no.


One of the most powerful words you can use.

If someone asks me for advice of how to improve their life, I usually start off by telling them to start saying no to people.

  • No, boss, I can’t stay a bit late and finish your useless PowerPoint deck.
  • No, dear, I will not wash the dishes after cooking a meal.
  • No, I will not pursue a girl after she’s flaked on me once.

Just say no, your self respect goes up, and people tend to respect you more the more self respect you have for yourself.


As illustrated above, that word is like catnip to women, because not many men say “no” to women nearly enough…

To learn how to do it, maintain your balls, and make her ever more mad for you by using that one simple word…

Simply flip inside the pages of King’s Code:

Grab a copy at the link below:

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