“Please Scan Your COVID19 Vaccination Chip”



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“Unemployment is 40%. Please scan your COVID vaccination microchip to apply for unemployment. If you do not have a chip yet, please proceed to the nearest implantation center to apply for your benefits.”

“We are raising the tax rate for all Americans by 10% to pay off this debt. To receive a 3% reduction, scan write your COVID vaccination chip identity number on your tax return.”

“Please scan your chip to enter the grocery store. No COVID chip? You are a threat to national security. Please proceed down the hall to be implanted. Otherwise, starve.”

“Hello. Welcome to the bank. Please scan your COVID19 vaccination microchip and then enter your PIN to view your account balance.”

I mean…I know, I’ve got my tin foil hat on here, but given the events in recent weeks, as well as everything Bill Gates has been developing with his “ID2020” project — does this seem that far fetched?

That’s how these things start.

There was a time in our history where people were really upset about being pat down at the TSA line for American airport’s security. Or having to take out all their belongs, or take off their shoes, etc, etc. Yes, there was a time that people were really upset about it…

But then?

It just became the new normal.

And that’s the scary part.

That maybe, just maybe, we’re not as human as we’d like to make ourselves believe that we are. In fact, we’re completely and utterly programmable, even to the tune of having a chip put inside our body so that we can or can’t do certain things.

Look no further than China’s “social credit” scoring system to see what I mean by this.

Is this going to happen tomorrow, or even this year?


This decade?

Wouldn’t shock me.

I also might be totally wrong.

But two weeks ago, I would have told you no way, it would never happen in my lifetime…but now, I’m not so sure.

Here’s the important thing:

When this happens, I promise you, I will be so far away as humanly possible from it, because I’ve put things in place to make sure I have a one-way route out of the Western world if needed. Many of us inside “Actually Abroad” are in this boat. If you’d like to be a part of the journey, and get access to discussions about how to do this…

Head to the link below:


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