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There’s a certain region of the world that keeps coming across my desk. And it’s one that I’d NEVER even considered visiting, much less spending any significant time there.

I speak of Scandinavia.

The first time I ever “went” to Scandinavia was the Copenhagen (Denmark) airport. I was on my way to Budapest with my friend Jeremy. We’d flown on Norwegian air from Los Angeles to Copenhagen, and were then heading onwards to Budapest.

Or maybe we were going back from Budapest and were in the Oslo airport. I can’t remember. I drank a lot on that trip, okay? Try not to judge me too much…

We were hungry.

Now, I knew how expensive things were in this region of the world. But in Jeremy’s case, he didn’t. And the hunger got the best of him.

So he got a hamburger and a beer.

I’ll never forget when he came back to the table and showed me his receipt. It was in Danish Krones. He said to me, “Hey man, my phone isn’t working – can you look up how much this burger and beer was in US dollars?”

I punched in the number of Danish Krones (~300) into my phone, and the US dollar equilvalent was…


Again, for a burger and a beer. Let me remind you that you can buy a McDonald’s cheeseburger for $1 and a Coors Light at the gas station for $1.

But people keep trying to change my mind about Scandinavia, including the latest guest of the Dating Abroad Podcast.

Listen in as we discuss Iceland here.


Keep causing Trouble,


PS: As mentioned last week, this show will likely go to a slightly premium model (~$10/m for two premium episodes, transcriptions, and a very premium newsletter) next year. This email was actually swiped from a draft of one section of the newsletter, so it’s a great preview of what you’ll be getting.

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