Chicken wings and lickin’ wayyyyy more than fingers…

You want to know the hardest thing to find is when you live abroad?

A decent chicken wing.

One with some spice, some crunch, and some good ‘ol Buffalo-wingy goodness. Nay impossible to find it.

You can find any type of Asian food imaginable.

You can even find pretty good Mexican in a lot of places.

And of course, you can eat dumplings and potatoes to your hearts content…

But a good chicken wing? Impossible.

And the American chains that have invaded other places, like TGI Friday’s and Hooters – suck.

But, here’s the thing:

I’ve found one place that DOES have the best chicken wings (the guy is from Wisconsin), so that’s where I’ll be spending my Thanksgiving.

At this time last year, I went to Hooters. But after another year of living abroad under my belt, I’m an expert in the matter.

But you want to know why I’ll spend my Thanksgiving here at an American joint with three Ukrainians (my girl + our friends who are ridiculously excited to “celebrate” Thanksgiving for the first time)?

Because it’s a taste of home, and it’s just what you need at times.

Yes, expat life is great and I have no regrets. BUT, there are times that you wish you were home, or at least had the comforts of home. Chicken wings are my guilty pleasure that remind me of home without having to actually travel to California.

You want to know why I tolerate less-than-top-notch chicken wings on a consistent basis?

The females in Eastern Europe. Yes, even when I’m watching them eat chicken wings (they’ll never figure out how to do it properly).

The point is:

When the girls are such high-quality overall, even doing shit like eating is far more tolerable. The thought of watching a 250-pound American fatty eating chicken wings makes me want to vomit.

A cute, thin Ukrainian girl? ALMOST attractive.

Anyways, you owe it to yourself to avoid those fatties. And the Bang Black Friday packageis here to help you do so:

Here’s what’s inside:

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Total Value: $450

Bang Black Friday price: $197

Package deal is only available at this link:

NOTE: The Harem Handbook and Go Date Online are available individually (click the links above) at 50% off their normal price.

NOTE #2: All discounts are already applied to all products. No need for coupons!

Happy Thanksgiving, and best wishes.

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

The $3 Starbucks Millionaire

What could passing on a $3 cup of Starbucks coffee do for you?

Could it make you a millionaire?

Me thinks not, but let’s find out.

But first: $3?

Here in Eastern Europe it’s $5 for a large coffee.

If you’re going to piss away money on coffee, at least make sure it’s good stuff; i.e. not Starbucks 😉

I’ll tell you this:

Those frugal and minimalism bloggers advising you to someone live your life on $10 a day are unrealistic. It takes a special kind of anomaly to be able to pull that off, and actually enjoy life on any level.

I’d wager that the number of people in the world who can do it is less than those who are truly capable of building a business. The percentage for that (biz) is low, too. Many folks aren’t cut out for it, and that’s okay. Hell, I have a pretty large family and I’m the ONLY one in it that has their own company…

What’s the bottom line?

$3 at Starbucks a day * 365 days a year = $1,095

That’s not even $100 a month, it’s $91.25 to be exact.

I know I like to poke fun at digital nomads who insist on living in Thailand so they can get a $175/month apartment, but. You can see that the Starbucks Saving won’t even change much for them – it’ll only pay half their rent!

The issue with all of this is the mindset.

Changing your Starbucks addiction puts you in the mindset of being being cheap, which doesn’t inspire you to work hard and build something.

It’s focused on the present, not the future.

And we all know the future is where the millionaires are thinking.

One more thing:

A website is a key part of any business, and I consult for free if you buy via one of my affiliate links.

It’s a great way to share the love, and affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways to make sure you can afford your Starbucks.

Anyways, you can book your consult here or at the link below:

Keep causing Trouble,


There IS such a thing as a stupid question

A reader recently wrote a comment on an old article and asked:

​”Kyle, if you were to give advice to your 21 year old self- any advice whatsoever that you found to be vitally important to your current self- what would you say? This is coming from a 21 year old guy currently studying in university. Thanks!”

My response was basically, “Well…I’d start by reading this blog cover to cover…”

But after sleeping on it, my thoughts on this changed greatly.

My advice would be:

“Ask questions at the opportune times, and make sure those questions count.”

For example:

He could have asked me ANY question about any specific thing, and I would have given him an answer (I always respond to comments on my site). Instead, that question was wasted because he could have probably found the answer himself littered throughout my blog.

Not that his question was “bad”, per se – but he could have gotten great advice if he’d asked the right question. Instead, he didn’t even give me that opportunity because his question was so generic in nature.

Do you understand what I’m saying?

Ask the right questions and there is no limit to how far someone might go to help you. I know this because I’ve utilized it MANY times in my life with my own mentors.

Modern schools like to say there are no such thing as dumb questions, but I fully disagree.

Ask dumb ones at your own peril.

Or, book a call with me and then you have plenty of time to ask whatever you like:

​Keep causing Trouble,


Filet mignon…made of pork

Last week, I spent some time in a second tier-city. Brno, Czech Republic.

Well, on the train ride there, I’d booked a first class ticket, supposed to include:

  • Coffee/tea service
  • My own seat separate from anyone
  • A table for work
  • And finally, full WiFi coverage

What I got wasn’t that. Instead, I ended up with:

  • Shoved in the “First Class” compartment with 6 other people
  • No coffee or tea, but I did get a bottle of water…
  • No table
  • No WiFi

Honestly, it was like ordering filet mignon in a steakhouse, and they brought out a damn pork filet.

I was pissed, and called my credit card company to dispute it as soon as I’d arrived. It’ll be the last time I ever ride with “Ceska Drahy” (Czech Railways). I’d have rather been in Economy class – it’s actually nicer.

Changing gears:

The bait and switch.

This is what girls do, too.

They obviously put on makeup and nice clothes for a first date (you hope, at least). If she shows up looking like a slob, you know exactly the kind of quality you’re’ dealing with.

And you don’t get to really know her for a while, either. You’re not quite sure what you’re going to get. She seems great at first but over time the true girl will always reveal herself.

That’s why it’s important to have excellent Game skills.

To screen for the quality girls.

You don’t want to end up with the crazy ones, or even spend any considerable time or resources on them.

Just like how you’d be pissed if you got pork after ordering a steak, you don’t want to commit to a girl you think is good and then get bait ‘n switched and realize she’s trash.

you can learn all about screening a girl inside my course, which you can learn more about here, or at the link below.

Keep causing Trouble,


PS: I took transit from a company called Regiojet back home, and it was a superior experience.

Hell no, I still have a pretty face

Last night was my final softball game of the season. My team was two men short, and I ended up playing third base (usually I play shortstop or center field).

Apparently, in Eastern Europe, 3rd base means that you literally MUST stand three feet in front of 3rd.

That way, you know – if a line drive comes right at your face you don’t have time to react and you get a nice ball to the face.

Absolutely stupid.

The rest of the infield kept telling me to play forward, play forward.

And I wasn’t about that.

Hell no. I’m young and still have a pretty face

No way I’m taking a line drive to the face for a casual softball team.

I did muck up the first ground ball that came my way, though I’d argue if I’d been playing where I wanted to play I would’ve made the play no problem.

I did hit the game-sealing grand slam last night, so my poor positioning was more than forgiven.

Now, listen up.

There are some risks in life that are absolutely worth taking. Those risks and the rewards that come from them are what builds your wealth and happiness in the long term.

But there are some risks which are just stupid.

Putting your entire life savings into a business idea your friend had but you didn’t vet? Stupid.

Quitting your job with $2,000 in the bank to travel and try to build a business? Stupid.

Taking a baseball to the face because the guys drinking beer told you to move forward? Stupid.

Don’t let peer pressure make you take a risk that you aren’t comfortable taking.

That doesn’t mean never to take a risk though. Just make sure you take the risks that are worth taking.

One more thing:

I’m opening up Pro Niche Site for the final time this year. And…there’s no risk to it, because I’ve got a 30 day, no questions asked guarantee.

Trying to build an online business with someone who has done it, for a low cost and with a guarantee? Smart.

To find out the goodies in the winter session (hint, an extra month of 1-on-1 coaching + more), click the link below:

Enrollment will close on November 1st.

Kyle Trouble

The “law” of men who go abroad to meet girls

When Western-feminist-harpies hate on men for going abroad to meet better and hotter girls, it makes me chuckle.


I have an unpopular opinion.

Some of them, actually – many – are right.

Many times, these girls (plenty fat and ugly themselves), call men pathetic for going abroad. They say it’s ‘cuz men can’t get a “real woman” in the West, so they have to resort to finding gold diggers in foreign countries.

My take:

If you are going abroad to meet girls, but you haven’t tried for genuine success in the West…you are trying to take the chicken-shit, easy way out.

If you didn’t have success, that’s fine. But you had to at least try.

Or, you had success, but realized the results weren’t really worth the labor.

But if you didn’t even try, sorry – you don’t deserve a nice foreign girl. Plus, she’ll likely eat you alive once she figures you out.


Because that’s an iffy foundation to build your relationship on. One where you “ran away” from your problems instead of facing them head on.

There is a stark difference between running away because you didn’t have the balls to try…

…versus just leaving because you don’t want to try, whilst never leaving your keyboard.

Unpopular opinion? Yes, I’m sure of it.


If you want to get abroad and meet these better girls, you’ll have to build a business.

The alternative is working for $300/month at some shitty foreign company. No thanks.

It’s going to take work and there are no shortcuts.

It takes balls.

But if you want to learn more about how I’ve done it, go here.

Closing down November 1st.


Kyle of UkraineLiving

My God, The World Is Ending!

“Kyle, how come you don’t write about politics like everyone else? It’s a big thing!!!”

Because I just can’t bring myself to care, no matter how hard I try.

I think I was born in a weird era. I haven’t been alive long enough to feel too much pride for my country. And it’s easy to see why—I didn’t have it very good. I got kicked when I was down for being a nice guy forever, and then when I became an adult I had 40% of my money taken from me for nothing.

Basically, I feel like my country never really did anything for me (except hand me a powerful passport that’s given me the freeedom to explore other parts of the world).

Whereas, if I’d been born in ’81 instead of ’91—I might have had a few “golden years” tacked on to my life. Meaning that I might have seen some “good” in America as opposed to being born in the era when things really went bad (smartphone times).

So yeah, I guess that’s why. I just can’t bring myself to care.

I could write about ANTIFA (don’t really know who they are to be honest), riots, Trump, Hillary, and all the other rage-inciting topics that push people’s buttons these days, but…

Those topics don’t pay.

So therefore, I don’t care. Sure, they get pageviews. But not sales. I know that, and I want no part of that life because I want to make a good living.

As far as having national pride—I just don’t have any. Shame on me, perhaps. But I could spend my time reporting on this stuff, getting emotional about it, and wasting hours debating the subject, or…

I could get on with my life. Continue building my business. Continue developing relationships with wonderful people in Europe. And continue being free.

No amount of nationalistic pride could make me want to give that up.

Oh well.

Weekly Wrap: April 3rd

Another week, and now month—gone.

March was my best month ever for business, and a few other projects I think are about to hit the tipping point very, very soon. Which reminds me…

If you want to start the “generic” blog and go that route—guess what—you’re writing for free. At least for a while.

I’m tired of people coming at me for advice and when said is “Well, write 100 posts then maybe you can talk about releasing a paid product.”—it never ends well.

There are too many people selling something out there.

If you have a $10 eBook but only have 10 posts on your site—why would someone ever buy from you? They’re simply not going to. You’re seen as another marketing, spammy, internet huckster. That’s bad for business.

Plus, if you can’t churn out 100 posts you don’t have much of a business writing a book anyways.

Types of Tequila makes a comeback this week.

My first niche site was going to die, but I decided to breathe a little life in it….

In the form of AdWords 🙂

I made a quick font logo, added a resource page on margarita machines, and threw the ads on there. Let’s see what happens. I wrote a new post, too (below).

This Is Trouble

Eastern European Travel

Types of Tequila

Weekly Recap: March 27th

Hard to imagine that this is the last weekly wrap-up for the month of March. We’re rapidly closing in on the one-quarter mark of the year.

Now’s the time to have a sit rep and ask…

  • Are you meeting your goals?
  • Staying on target?
  • Doing a little bit every day to reach said goals?

If the answer is NO…

What’s the solution for YOU?

This Is Trouble

Eastern European Travel

The Best Watch I’ve Ever Owned

Before I left for Europe this year, I purchased this watch.

I never wore it out until I got on the plane from California to Eastern Europe. Know what happened as soon as I sat down on the plane?

Girl next to me raved about it.

Then a flight attendant mentioned it.

Then another passenger on my next connecting flight mentioned she liked it.

Now, every time I go out and have the thing on—someone notices it. I literally have not walked out the door with it on and not have someone compliment it, ask where I got it, etc.

This is the watch.

Watches don’t need to be incredibly elaborate to get results. It’s all about the style. The $20,000 Rolex isn’t a necessity.

It’s all about how you rock ’em.


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