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The haters always come out of the woodwork when it comes to the WHERE to go abroad…

(I think it was on this ‘ol post, but can’t find it)

Anyone who thinks they can meet a legit girl in Eastern Europe online is a sucker, throwing away money, and frankly, you deserve it.

Why there? Why not go to the Philippines? I live there now. They speak English by and large and you can find a young 20 something or 30 something honey to settle down with.

They will dote on you, treat you like a king. They are very religious and want to make babies.

AND it is cheap as HELL!

BTW, my nickname; I lived five years there and it was like fishing in a bucket; I might as well have been Tom Cruise.

S.E. Asia is where anyone with any sense should be (for a serious girl, DON’T got to Thailand–Philippines ONLY).

Don’t believe me? Start Googling Philippines/Angeles City/Cebu and you will know I am telling the truth. Plenty of videos on youtube to peak your interest as well.



I am still single, and plan on staying that way. I tell the single girls I have no plans to marry, and just want to date and have sex. NO PROBLEM.

I mean, don’t get me wrong…

I wrote earlier this year that I greatly preferred Europe to Asia.

But the whole:

“Only Phils, not even Thailand!”, nonsense tells you all you need to know.

More than likely, I’d bet a pretty penny this guy is the old, weird guy sitting in the weird sex clubs talking about how the west has fallen while hitting on girls a third of his age. Nothing wrong with that of course, but most of us are smart enough to differentiate the “old guy with genuine game” versus the “weird guy who moved across the world because it was his last option.”

Like I wrote in that article earlier this year…

A common thing I always have heard in the Game community is that once guys get older, and are no longer able to get the quality of women they once good, their backup strategy is to head over to Southeast Asia to places like Thailand, Indonesia, or Vietnam – and continue on the game there.

I don’t know if there’s a set age on this, but let’s say it’s 50 or older.

Let me just say…

The old guy wandering around the sex streets of Thailand is really not a good look.


My girl and I did go to these places just to check them out. Also popped our head into a few of the GoGo bars, and even saw a show that involved seeing goldfish in places I never thought I’d see them. And while I hate to be a downer, I’ll just say this: These are sad places. It’d be one thing if the girls knew how to dance at all, but all they really do is stand on the table, look bored, and occasionally dance a little bit.

Look, this isn’t the place to get into a discussion about the ethics of all this, but even if you’re the old guy running legit game in Southeast Asia at an old age…

I still don’t think it’s a great thing.

Everybody is going to look at you funny.

I saw it enough times.

I’ll just say that I’m not planning on that being me.


I was recently thinking about my childhood for some reason.

And, it got me thinking about the difference between “booksmart” and “streets smart”.

Namely, that there were a lot of kids (I grew up in an affluent area) who could have SAT’d and ACT’d their way through life, but that they were, for the most part, pretty sheepy — if you get what I mean. I’ve found this very, very true with many girls in America, as well as many American men who go abroad.

(Like the guy above)

Booksmart, sure.

Paper though, is not the real world.

Unfortunately, our standards for “smartness” is set merely by what the school system tells us is smart.

You get what I’m saying?

You can make “being smart” anything you want, put any random test to it, and then call those who do well a genius.

If you made “being smart” about makeup and shoes, my girlfriend would have a genius-level-IQ and I’d be as dumb as a box of rox.

And, that, my little troublies, I think is the biggest difference between foreign girls and the more Westernized ones.

Namely, that there is genuine street smartness within the foreign girls.

(And often they are booksmarter too, but beyond the point).

What I’m saying is this:

I wouldn’t trust many American girls to be able to talk about much intelligently. And I especially wouldn’t expect them to be able to have a rational and logical discussion about any of the issues that plague the society. Do you understand what I’m saying? Try to discuss the pitfalls and downsides of feminism to an American girl, and you’re likely to have a temper tantrum on your hands…

Have you had this happen to you?

To come back to my original point…

We’re told “what” is smart.

In today’s age, it’s really just being able to regurgitate materials from textbooks back onto pieces of paper (tests).

Sadly though, many are lacking in the genuine street-smart area.

Which is why, if you are absolutely tired of dealing with that, and are looking for a better type of girl, whether to date or to marry, and perhaps even a better life…

Go abroad:


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