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It’s nearly impossible to continue to be mysterious over the course of a relationship

People like to over complicate this, but it really is that simple.

It doesn’t work.

Trying to be mysterious with stupid gimmicks like not texting her back for 3 days, even though you’ve been in a relationship for 3 years, just isn’t going to work. The same things that work when you are casually dating do not hold the same power when you’ve been together a long time, have a routine together, and well…have a life together.

You see what I mean?

Everybody needs their space.

Everybody needs to have their own things outside of the relationship that they do by themselves.

But “being mysterious” gets to be really difficult over time, because by the nature of relationships, you uncover the mystery about each other to figure out if you are, or aren’t, an actual long-term fit.

Hence the only way to be mysterious:

Keep evolving so she never knows who you’ll become next.

Maybe once in a while you can spring a surprise on her, but the best way to be mysterious is to just keep growing yourself. Build yourself up to the next step of the ladder, and make her follow you up the rungs that are life.

If you don’t, she’ll just keep looking and looking towards the upper rungs of the ladder, where there’s surely more successful men waiting for her (assuming she is young and attractive). This is just how women are, it cannot be changed, it can only be accepted.

Get yourself to the top rungs.

And things will often take care of themselves.

Evolve, and bring her with you.

It’s the only way to keep the wonder.

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Mystery schmistery
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