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“Kyle, how come you don’t write about politics like everyone else? It’s a big thing!!!”

Because I just can’t bring myself to care, no matter how hard I try.

I think I was born in a weird era. I haven’t been alive long enough to feel too much pride for my country. And it’s easy to see why—I didn’t have it very good. I got kicked when I was down for being a nice guy forever, and then when I became an adult I had 40% of my money taken from me for nothing.

Basically, I feel like my country never really¬†did anything for me (except hand me a powerful passport that’s given me the freeedom to explore other parts of the world).

Whereas, if I’d been born in ’81 instead of ’91—I might have had a few “golden years” tacked on to my life. Meaning that I might have seen some “good” in America as opposed to being born in the era when things really went bad (smartphone times).

So yeah, I guess that’s why. I just can’t bring myself to care.

I could write about ANTIFA (don’t really know who they are to be honest), riots, Trump, Hillary, and all the other rage-inciting topics that push people’s buttons these days, but…

Those topics don’t pay.

So therefore, I don’t care. Sure, they get pageviews. But not sales. I know that, and I want no part of that life because I want to make a good living.

As far as having national pride—I just don’t have any. Shame on me, perhaps. But I could spend my time reporting on this stuff, getting emotional about it, and wasting hours debating the subject, or…

I could get on with my life. Continue building my business. Continue developing relationships with wonderful people in Europe. And continue being free.

No amount of nationalistic pride could make me want to give that up.

Oh well.

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