My 93 y/o great grandma doesn’t use Instagram, why?



As you undoubtedly know, I email a lot. Every day at a minimum, sometimes even 2, 3, 4, 5 times if I’ve really got to say.

And really, I do have a lot to say. The reason for that is simple.

Once you start doing something a LOT.

It gets a lot easier to do.

I almost guarantee that if you do anything daily, all the time, you’re going to pick up some excellent habits. Whether it’s writing a daily email or blog post, creating a YouTube video, or putting up a podcast

If you do it daily, you’re going to get into a routine and rhythm.

It’s like when Steph Curry starts hits two or three long distance shots in a row. You know he’s going to go off.


You could compare it to the gym.

I can’t recall who, but I recently saw a tweet along the lines of, “The reason you’re too tired to go to the gym…is because you don’t go to the gym.”

The same advice applies about online business. If you’re not showing up every day and putting in the routine work (even though it’s miniscule), you’re going to be sore and lazy. You won’t go to the online biz gym.

And you want to know what the ONE thing every online business needs is?

No matter if it’s drop shipping.

No matter if it’s a niche site.

No matter if it’s a blog.

No matter if it’s consulting.

Seriously, I cannot think of a SINGLE online, or OFFLINE business that doesn’t need this one important tool.


Despite all the crazy things that have been invented over the last few years, email still rules. Let’s put it this way – your grandma probably doesn’t know how to use Instagram, or how to send a tweet—but she probably know show to check her email.

Hell, my great-grandmother is like 93 years old and is always included on the family planning emails.

Email is still here and is not going anywhere. Every business should use it.

Even if you don’t have a business, start building a list.

And I’d do it with ConvertKit.

Details about them are here.

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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