Multiculturalism Doesn’t Work



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The EU and multiculturalism doesn’t work.

The Germanic countries think the Meds are lazy bums.

The Med countries think the Germanics take advantage of them.

Central European countries, Baltics, and Balkans think they’re too poor for what they pay in.

Too many cultures. Doesn’t work.

We’re also seeing this in the USA right now. You’ve got…

  • The liberal coastal cities like SF, LA, NYC, Miami, Seattle, etc. that think they are hot stuff because they’re what the movies show, so they want to push their way of life on the rest of America, even though the rest of America isn’t suited for that at all
  • The Southern regions which are often full of poverty and haven’t embraced the new way of living at all, to their own detriment
  • The Midwest regions which are kinda…in the middle
  • A smattering of other states in the regions of the first bullet (Arizona, Carolinas, etc. come to mind) that kinda seem to do their own thing…

Add in all the cultures — after all, we’ve a nation of immigrants — and it’s just a recipe that doesn’t work if things aren’t really prosperous.

People look out for themselves and their own, only the fool thinks otherwise of this.

A nation of mixed cultures can work well if it’s prosperous, but when things go wrong, what do you think happens?

Naturally, people turn their nose up at those who aren’t their own.

It’s a survival instinct.

We evolved to not care about those outside our tribe.

Up until recent years, you didn’t have access to the whole world. Where you were is where you were, there was no real way out. Humans evolved to live in smaller, close-knit tribes where you looked after each other. America itself is a grand experiment, one that has worked under times of great prosperity, but one that I reckon will see great strain and fallout in light of a major, ongoing crisis (let’s not forget, during the past Depression, things were not as multicultural).


I always say…

Go where you’re wanted.

Where you fit in.

Where you can have a tribe.

Where maybe a country is wary of outsiders. Sure, they may look at you a bit “off” when you first come, but if you build the connections they come to accept you. Sometimes, letting everyone and anyone shit on your front lawn (like the USA does) is not the best thing for your citizens.

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