Multi-Tasking Is BS.



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Let’s talk about everyone’s trendy and favorite thing to do…multi-tasking. Namely, what you do when you have so many opportunities knocking on your doorstep.

Everybody says…take risks!

(Especially true if you are under 30)

But nobody talks about what happens when those risks don’t pan out…

Take, for example:

Something I’ve noticed lately as I’ve been having all my business fires to put out and problems.

I’m not playing to WIN anymore.

I’m playing NOT to LOSE.

As I’ve had my problems, I’m now trying not to lose money as opposed to trying to make more money.

Example, new eCom store…

When I took it on, I had more than enough spare cashflow to make it work, to test a lot, and to lose a lot if that’s what it took. Now, I’m sitting here looking at every dollar and likely being a bit too cautious. Playing not to lose. Bad place to be. This just goes to show, that when something is working, always take your foot and smash the accelerator, don’t you dare let off. And it also means, when new opportunities and risks come along, you should take them, but don’t let other things die.

I went to go work and dedicated a year on Selo Oils, and then it ended.

While I got a decent chunk of change and kept some equity, that took my foot off the gas of what was WORKING (working great, too).

At the same time, what could I have done?

Passed up the chance to own an olive oil company?

Are you kidding me?

No way in hell I could have lived with myself in that case.

So, what would have been the SOLUTION?

Honestly, I don’t know.

I could have dedicated less to Selo and kept my foot on the gas of what was working…

But then that would have worked even less than it did.

I had systems in place to manage the stuff that was working. I just didn’t evolve it. And that’s on me, my team can’t do that. That’s a very hard balance to strike

When you are seeing success, you will have a lot of opportunities come your way.

If you take chances on the wrong opportunities it can murder the success you already have going.

But…how can you not take those opportunities?

You have to.

Anyways, the biggest oppo I took was, in 2016, moving abroad to Ukraine. That risk was worth it all, and worked out really well for me. And, there’s a lot of other guys that are doing it, too. 

And, even better for you, you can have access to them and our community inside “Actually Abroad”:

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