Microsoft hasn’t even built a decent operating system in a decade



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I got a LOT of responses to yesterday’s email about the potential upcoming COVID19 microchip implantation.

I was thinking about it more this morning.

Earlier this week, my girl started working from home, and needed to set up her laptop to work with her employer’s network. I use a MacBook Pro, and it’s been a few years since I had a Windows computer. What a nightmare, I couldn’t work anything with Windows 10. It’s so clunky, old, and useless.

It got me thinking:

Microsoft hasn’t even made a good operating system in over a decade!

And yet, Mr. Gates (I know he’s not part of MS anymore, but still) is being trusted to design a sort of human ID chip?

Hell, Microsoft has only made two halfway decent operating systems in this entire millennium

This is no joke. They can’t even get laptops right!

But, hang on, we’re not through yet.

Reader Jason wrote in response to yesterday’s email:

“Your doing Gods work warning people about this, Kyle! I appreciate your contribution to humanity.”

You know, it got me thinking a bit to what this means for religion.

Recently, I penned this post about God in response to some prominent writers moving more towards religion and spirituality than their previous game/business/self-improvement dealings.

I have to say.

Something like, “Get in line for your microchip” might drive a lot of people back towards these things.

One can hope.


What could also happen is, people line up like the sheep they are to get these chips, because they’re so scared of this virus. Of course, this is all still just speculation…but I’d say there are decent odds there will be something “revolutionary” and “cutting-edge” about whatever COVID19 vaccination eventually does hit the market. Those buzzwords come with a catch. Just remember that.

If this happens, I think I’ll just buy meself a farm, grow my own food, get a couple hunting dogs (the current one will be useless for this endeavor), and pop out something like 13 kids.


In honor of building a farm and living in somewhere other than a metropolis, I’m slapping my “Dating Abroad Podcast” archives up for measly price of $19.

There’s 100 episodes, and I usually sell the package for $100.

This offer expires Sunday at 11:59pm.

Here’s the link:

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