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Just finished reading two books on the Medellin Cartel.

Why is it the USA always blamed Colombia, or Panama, or Nicaragua, and anyone else available. 


Simply taking all those resources and instead securing it’s own borders at the highest level.

It’s baffling.

How many years did they spend rummaging through the Colombian rainforest instead of just building a better border?

How many years did they spend searching for “weapons of mass destruction” and get nothing?

How long did we hunt ISIS in caves with zero results?

The only thing that seems to get more stringent is the noose placed around the neck of citizens.

Take off your shoes and let TSA feel you up!

And let’s just blame everybody else instead of taking a bit of accountability and controlling what we can control.

But ya know, Russia is aggressive, it’s all Russia’s fault.

The American gov just blames everyone else.

And never once take accountability for it’s problems.

Maybe it’s time they look inwards instead of outwards and fix their own problems before meddling in others.

Here are those books if you’re interested in checking them out…

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