Wait, wut?

“There are greener pastures…”

“Why be a pussy… and give up on being an American in America…”

“The red pill means the search of truth…”

Well, I think he answered his own question. Greener pastures. I searched for truth, saw it was greener, and off I went (albeit it took a couple years). And I sure as hell want the best life I can live, even if there are tradeoffs to it.

And of course, there are tradeoffs. Uprooting your kid?

Maybe not a tradeoff to move your son if you just want to score some young Euro poontang.

Alternatively you could say:

*I want my son to grow up in a culture that respects traditional values, where men can be men and women can be women

*I want my son to grow up speaking two or three languages

*I want my son to grow up devoid of the constant consumerist behavior that plagues America

*I want free higher education for my son (clearly this reader could use it, considering he can’t seem to fathom the use of a question mark and doesn’t know his your and you’re)

All of which are far more noble than poontang.

Ohhh wait. Got a bonus to the list:

***I want my son to grow up and be able to score lots of young Euro poontang

Now THAT’S a great father.

Look, I feel bad for guys like this who are so close-minded. Yes, maybe it’s not feasible to make a jump like that when you’re older. And even more true when you have kids. I’m not going to deny that.

But, but, but…

You can make a BUT for everything.


It needs to stop, otherwise you’ll spend your whole damn life coming up with excuses instead of just pulling the trigger and taking action.

Are you gonna spend your whole life being a But-But-But-Face or are you gonna sack up and do what you want to do?

More to the point:

I don’t want to add small-town American thinking to my list of things I make fun of (like feminists and social justice warriors), but it’s reality that small-town folks are going to have a harder time making a jump.

It’s just unfathomable.

If you haven’t trekked from Tulsa (that is in Oklahoma, right?) to Dallas in your life, getting on a plane to go across the ocean is gonna seem intimidating.

That’s just a fact.

Alright, that’s enuf of my rambling for today.

If you want to score lots of foreign poontang, and eventually sire lots of sons who can carry on the proud family tradition of doing so, you owe it to yourself and your future bloodline to subscribe to DA-net.

Details inside:


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