006: The Lies of the Enlightened

In this episode, Kyle and Didact discuss current events and much more.

Here are the key bullets:

  • The world is going nuts again. And here’s the funny thing…while the Kung Flu has been floating around, Influenza cases have basically disappeared.
  • When we didn’t know what was going on, there’s no doubt it was initially a very scary bug…but in reality, once some more data started coming out, we started realizing…we were sold a total lie.
  • Safety is an illusion. Nothing is safe or promised in life except death and people can’t get to come to terms with that.
  • What we’re looking at…is essentially a concerted effort on multiple levels to keep us scared and to stop us from questioning certain narratives—to keep us kind of on reservation…so that we don’t look too deep.
  • The people who do this stuff genuinely believe that they are more enlightened and more knowledgeable and more noble than the rest of us…in reality, they’re the most evil, corrupted, degenerate, disgusting people ever.
  • If you told us that Hillary Clinton eats babies as a sacrifice to the altar of Satan, we’d believe it.
  • That is the real problem with Western Society is that women stopped obeying their husbands and their family and their fathers and started then obeying the government.
  • If you look anywhere else around the world, the rich and the powerful elites…always play very well with each other…but their agenda is always more money, more power, more control.
  • It has to start at a local level, it has to start with local communities. You cannot fix this (degeneracy) from the top down because the top is completely corrupted.


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