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First things first:

LaVar Ball is obnoxious, arrogant, and annoying. And recently, I’d say stupid – for sending his California-grown-and-spoiled children to play in the middle of nowhere in Lithuania.

If you don’t know who he is, he’s got 3 sons aged between 16-20, two of whom have professional NBA potential, and he’s been all over ESPN/Yahoo/every sports site imaginable for months now. He’s mostly got all this attention from shit-talking and not backing down.

But he’s also a genius. Not in the sense of pulling his kids out of school, but purely from a marketing sense (and that’s all we’re talking about today – how you can use it to profit too).

Here’s why:

The sneaker game has been changed now for professional athletes. He might totally fail at making the Ball shoe brand big, but even if he does, the game has been CHANGED.

Can you imagine if a person like LeBron had said “shove it” to Nike and built his own brand? What if he’d cut out the middle man, taken an even bigger cut of the profits, and had full ownership and everything?

That’s a lotta money.

So even if LaVar flops, he will have a lasting impact on the professional sports shoe market for years to come. That’s something you can’t take away from him, no matter what happens in the coming years.

I just hope his kids don’t freeze to death in Lithuania.

One more thing, it’s important.

This weekend I’ll be doing a quick little opening for something. I’ll give more details about it in the coming days.

But for now:

I’ve actually been to Lithuania, and did a video last year with some thoughts on it from my tiny little studio apartment

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