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Then it was normal if she’d had 3.

Then that became 10.

Now it’s not uncommon to hear that it’s 100.

The only question is, what’s the limit where men finally stop wifing these hoes up?

Do the math.

– If a girl has one new partner every quarter of college

– Say she’s on the 5 year plan

– 4 new partners a year

= 20 partners at graduation

Not unrealistic at all.

That would have been a totally normal girl when I started college 10 years ago.

Another example…

1 new partner a month.

Again, not unheard of at all at university.

That would be 60 by the time graduation rolls around.

These are just the facts. This is a product of the college system shaming people for living at home. Boundaries are left unchecked. Women need to be checked. It’s why for so long the father was given more household charge, and was expected to keep things in line and reasonable.

It is funny to hear the harpies screech, though…


I want guy who is confident, in-shape, leads, provides, brings me flowers, treats me well but knows how to stand up to me, surprises me, understands when to listen, & more!


I want a girl who is thin and hasn’t slept with the football team.



Pretty much how it goes, don’t it?

Can’t win in many cases, but that’s just how life goes.

I searched long and hard for answers to all of this in the States, and never really found what I was looking for. Some chance of a normal, typical life. It wasn’t until I got on a plane and went to a foreign country that I saw the potential of how things could be, and began to realize just how lost the society in the Western world was…

Anyways, you’re certainly not any less of a man if you’d prefer that a girl you’re dating, and especially one you’re serious about, hasn’t been with dozens and dozens of people before you.

Hard to find domestically, which is why I tell men…

“Go abroad…”

And, the best way to learn how to do that is to take advantage of everything inside of “Actually Abroad”.

Here’s where to sign up:

Keep causing trouble,

Kyle Trouble

PS: Just some of the stuff inside of the February content includes:

* Dealing with irrationality in a woman – how, and when, to go against your woman’s wishes, and why it’s sometimes in your best interests to do what she says (contrary to what yours Troubly usually says)

* An in-depth guide to foreign real estate, including a very deep insight into my own purchases from last fall, and things you MUST be wary of if you ever want to buy property in a country that’s not your own

* Some insight into my newest, latest, and greatest project, which is something actually completely specific to Ukraine, and is combining both local and online business.

* An in-depth datasheet to Chisinau, Moldova – written by “AA” member Sam, who spent a significant amount of time in Moldova at the end of 2019. You’ll learn about the girls, the culture, and more about a country that’s one of the last frontiers of Eastern Europe

* How to quit your job, move abroad, and what I would and wouldn’t do if I had to do it over again (this is from a series of questions I received from a member)

* And lots, lots more (see the sales page for all bonuses)

All of this is going away come March 1st, so get in now…

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