Is Russia Going to Invade Ukraine?



I got this question:

“Is this Russia stuff legit? It’s hard to get credible news coverage here in the US. I’ve been increasingly concerned Russia will take Ukraine same day as China takes Taiwan. What are your thoughts on this? Would Russia seriously risk war over Ukraine?”


A color revolution in Belarus last year was attempted and failed.

I’m now much more inclined to say Maidan 2014 was staged and planned.

And the USA (for worse) now basically controls this place and Ukrainian politicians are just their puppets.

That being said…

1. Russia had to take Crimea when that happened.

It’s their only warm water port. The Caspian Sea often freezes in the north. Only warm water port. Absolutely vital to national security and military. Anyone who denies this is gasping at straws.

2. They also have to have the Donbas.

Or at least, not have it be Ukraine (and hence NATO) controlled. Because it’s also close to the Caspian.

It’s only a day or so drive.

NATO could drive materials, troops, etc. right to the flank of the Motherland in a day.

3. I don’t think Russia wants or needs Ukraine as a whole.

Other than those ports and that necessary area of the Donbas. Really don’t see what they have to gain over it (besides political power/control, which to be fair is reason enough).

4. The equivalent of this NATO map would be the equivalent of Russia building a base in Colombia and working north until they get to Tijuana.

5. They’re obviously going to act in defense at some point.

Putin can’t allow anything more at his doorstep at this point and has said this. Yet, USA keeps poking the bear.

6. Anything that happens will be swift and quick, they could take the Donbas in a day I imagine.

Ukraine would be wise to remember what just happened in Afghanistan.

7. It wouldn’t be them (Russia) “risking” it – it would be their hand being forced by the USA’s constant provoking that would force it.

As usual, our media has it backwards. No surprise. All they do is lie. Constantly.

8. The “Russia boogeyman” has been the biggest and most constant “diversion” from our own American politicians since the Cold War.

A broken clock is right twice a day…but I’ll still only believe it when I see it.

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