Is Poland Next?



If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last few years, you’re well aware that the powers that be like to cause chaos in normal people’s lives, and you are no exception.

And now, it seems they are very much marching towards a worse situation by kicking off WWIII — which of course, is likely exactly what they want.

Here’s why you need to prepare.

But first, let me give you a quick update on our friends in Poland…

I was breaking my own rules and reading the news this morning, and came across this…

“The President of Russia is aware of the fact that an attack on Poland would trigger a reaction from other NATO countries. However, Poland is very high on the list of Vladimir Putin”, said the Polish ambassador to NATO, Tomasz Szatkowski.

“Poland has presented a number of solutions that are to support Ukraine. The West, however, must act carefully and support it through movements that will make the invasion of the Russians cost them a lot”

According to Szatkowski, the solidarity of the West will make it possible to counter the plans of Vladimir Putin, who is threatening Europe with cutting off gas supplies.

“The unified position of Western countries will make the blackmail of the Russian president ineffective.”

This is why I was pretty keen to leave Europe. Still not likely that anything escalates, especially if Russian forces really are withdrawing and going for a big showdown in the East. That said, I still can’t fathom why Poland has continued to just poke and poke the bear more. After speaking to a few people at the Polish border when I crossed – they are worried they are NEXT.

That said, they also believe they would WIN because of NATO.

That said, if they are “next” – it will be horrific, regardless of whether they win or not.

I don’t think they realize that.

“Winning” is still losing when it comes to a war on your home soil.

Point is, staying neutral throughout this would be a better option. Stick to humanitarian needs and stay out of weapons and politics. Any attack would be bad and force many, many Poles to migrate elsewhere too. The refugee crisis is already out of control with Ukrainians leaving, having another 40 million+ population trying to GTFO would cause all sorts of chaos (again, perhaps exactly what they want).

The point is this:

The same people that have caused all the COVID problems and chaos are the ones still in charge of the geopolitics and yes, the wars.


That’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

They are not to be trusted.

Enter “The Sovereign Press”.

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Kyle Trouble

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