I’m Just Killing Off Grandmas Left & Right



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I had 3 friends over tonight for slow-cooked pulled pork, drinks, and board games.

The insane people in this world would take this as me wanting to personally drag their grandma into the backyard and put a bullet in her head.

“You want my grandma to die!”

Okay, chuckles, if you say so…

You know, sometimes you gotta stop and think, “jee, maybe we as a species kinda deserve all this shyt happening to us…”

Anyways, the point I’m trying to make is, keep things simple. If you’re young and healthy, adhere to your new draconian laws (for now), but seriously, be reasonable. If you want to have a few friends over for dinner, I, for one, think you should, and you should live your life as much as you can whilst giving a giant “blow me” to the governments of the world with their insane, livelihood-killing policies.

Now, again, simpler times.

There was a time.

Long, long ago.

When dating was a bit simpler than it is in 2020.

Times when a young man could have his pick of the virgins of the town, and simply walk up to her father, proof himself a decent young lad, offer a cow or some goats in exchange for his daughter, and everyone went home happy to their simple lives. Obviously, technology put a knife in all of this (and let’s not lie, we do have some things better overall, like air conditioning). Now we’re forced to navigate all these different technologies, hurdles, cultures, and attitudes in order just to get a girl.

Now, the good news:

  • I’ve put “Go Date Online” on sale for $52 off – so it’s $15 total – until tonight at midnight (that’s 2 hours from now).

It’s really a very simple product. It’s 25 interactions with girls, some of them are mine, some are students or readers, and I’ve analyzed all of them so you can see exactly what was said and why it did (or didn’t) work.

It’s a simple and effective product for a complicated time.

So, if you struggle with texting girls or “losing” them on the digital front, this is for you.

But, best act fast, because the sale is disappearing faster than I can pull the trigger on grandma…


Keep causing trouble,

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