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I’ve mentioned this before, but…

“Participation trophies” are out of hand.

It’s one thing to give the special kid a trophy for trying.

It’s another to give college age students better grades because they “did their best”.

Or to give performance awards to the low-performing idiots to make them feel better.

And, this is a perfect, introduction to talk about…taxes.

Taxes are, in some cases, used for good and useful things that society NEEDS. But, many times, they’re also NOT because the globhomos ruling the globe want to take down all the successful people, because it makes it easier to sit atop the throne.

Namely, take California’s recent tax, where any resident that doesn’t have healthcare must pay additional tax…for the healthcare of ILLEGALS!


Taking from the rich, and giving to the illegal…

And of course, there’s all the stuff always floating around about there should be no billionaires, tax them more, etc, etc.

It’s all a bunch of bullspit.

Especially for those of you, who, like me, simply want to live their lives in peace and be left alone for the most part. I’m sure most of you are more than willing to pay your fair share of taxes, assuming, of course, that you actually derive some benefits from those taxes.

And, we get none of those if we are abroad.

Literally none.

No healthcare, no insurance, nothing.

Hence, us expats who are abroad are in a pickle.

(Especially if you are successful financially).

Pay a fee to the USG every year just for your passport?


Not many places have taxation by citizenship, just us mere Americans, land of the supposed free…

Anyways, in this month’s “Actually Abroad” content, I’m detailing my own A-Z guide that you can use and abuse to get abroad.

I should note:

I have not done things this drastic.

But, I have some very simple ideas that I’m beginning to execute, and they’re surprisingly easier, efficient, and best of all – inexpensive.

Anyways, the content is in the members only section, but you gotta sign up before October 31st at 11:59 to get it (and the rest of October’s content).

Here’s the link that Uncle Sam hates:


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