If corona doesn’t kill you it’ll be something else



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Uncomfortable reality:

The human race has gone nearly 100 years without a massive disaster to help curb population growth.

I don’t think coronavirus is it.

But eventually, something will happen.

It will be necessary.

Nature always finds a way to balance things out.

I always liked Dan Brown’s Inferno book (link below).


Talked about overpopulation and an engineered super virus capable of curbing overpopulation.

I actually thought how the virus worked was a good solution.

It’s fictional obviously, but worth a read.

I’m about to spoil the book so if you plan to read it, stop reading this now.

[Here’s a big blank space you have to scroll past to read the spoilers.]

But in a nutshell, the super virus made it so a certain percentage of people were infertile.

Cruel, but necessary.

Honestly, would the world be worse off if this was the case?

Can’t breed if you don’t have an IQ above a certain level.

Weed out the weak parts of the gene pool.

It’ll never happen but it’s interesting to think about.

All babies when born are given a reversible injection making them infertile.

Only upon achieving adulthood and meeting certain criteria could you have it reversed.

It would certainly advance the species.

The biggest problem with this is of course, how do you regulate it?

It’d be ripe for corruption, and it’s human nature to be corruptible.

And we all know how screwed up every government is.

So, basically, it’ll never work.

Fascinating to think about though!

In the meantime, though…

Live it up.

Like a king.

Learn how with my book, King’s Code:


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