I smell like trash, a rotting badger, and a smelly turd



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Very possibly one of the best hater emails I’ve ever gotten:


So funny how you call women gold-digging whores, yet you are slut-seeking pervert sexpat trash, just the same as the other men.

What a smelly turd, you try to deceive people in the daytime with your business card in order to get an ‘easy lay’. You deserve all of the mistreatment and diseases you seek. You want to treat pussy like a product, yet you are ignorant of your own sickness. You call the scene ‘sad’, yet you are the problem.

You call the other men ugly, when you are all ugly to us healthy women who watch you creep along in the streets looking to defile young local women and grovel in filth, all the while pretending you’re invisible.

A real man takes care of his body, shows respect for others’ bodies, and knows how to make love.

I feel sorry for you… you live in a dark hole like a rotting badger, and probably smell the same.

Take a bath, fix your teeth, stop stealing from your job site, and get a life.


Well, wait?

Do I smell like trash?

Or a rotting badger?

Or wait, a smelly turd?

Maybe all 3 at once?

What a concoction that would be!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last few years, is that birds of a feather flock together. What I mean is that every country has low quality women, and they typically find each other. Every country has low quality men, they find each other, too.

And yes, “sexpats” can be some of that low-quality, I won’t even deny that.

I’ve talked about this numerous times since I took my trip to Thailand last year, and saw old, out-of-shape, and just sad looking men wandering the streets of Soi Cowboy, hitting up the GoGo bars, in Bangkok.

What I’m saying is, typically the low quality men of one country manage to congregate in one place, even if they’re in a foreign country.

At the same time…

The amount of great, cool dudes I’ve met abroad, who flocked together and were genuinely interested in hitting on girls the right way, and getting better at it…

Well, there’s lots of them, too.

And, there’s quite a few very successful dudes inside the halls of “Actually Abroad”.

Join up, here:


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