I had a “moment” of death last night



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My 8 month old corgi pup, Hulk, has been sick for the last few days.

He likely swallowed some crap on the street and it upset his stomach, to explosive proportions, for several days in a row.

That’s the problem with a dog with such short legs, they’re like little gaw-damn vacuums when it comes to eating shyt off the ground…

Anyways, back to the point.

Yesterday, he seemed to be doing better, after we’d taken him to the vet on Sunday night.

But then, last night, after he slept the afternoon away, he just did not want to get up and stand. No matter what I did, I couldn’t get him to move. Then, what I put him on his feet, his back feet collapsed.

I had a moment of panic, thinking it was some sort of nasty infection. What if that “stomach bug” was something more serious, that could leave him half-paralyzed, or worse, dead?

He went to the vet (again), and (again) this morning, and all seems to be well. He’s nudging the ball towards me as I type this, wanting to play.

Nonetheless, seems like he just had an infection and a fever but seems to be doing well.

But, I won’t be able to shake that moment in my head for quite some time, when I saw his back legs give out on him…

Just yet another reminder, life can be short.

Which is why, for the final time, I’ll leave a link here in honor of Maria Mykytiuk, who was a flight attendant on the Ukrainian airlines flight that crashed over Iran on January 8th. My friend Sam went to school and was friends with her, and her memorial is this upcoming weekend.

This’ll be the last email about it, here’s the GoFundMe:


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