I don’t speak Gendernese Pronounglish…



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Happy New Year…

Sometimes, the emails and comments I get are just so hysterical, as ridiculous as they are I feel I have no real choice but to share them.

Take, for example, this latest gem:

Thumbs up for gender liberation. 

I prefer a free women who has the guts to pee in between trash cans, no matter what guys like you write about them. And yes, there’s a dick between my legs.

The difference between us is, I understand that feminism also means liberation of men from gender identity norms.

Not sure if this was sarcasm, because it was directed at another commenter, but can someone please translate this to plain and simple English for me?

I don’t speak Gendernese Pronounglish…

Just the pure fact that we can sit here and read these kind of things just goes to show you what a great decade 2020 is shaping up to be for Western societies. In fact, I predict by the next turn of the decade, the number of people who have fled the Western world will be truly staggering. And, I’ll sit back and enjoy it because it means my ventures will all have taken off to even greater heights. 

There’s about to be a major turn, I believe.

One that you would have thought would have happened more around 2000, but 2020 is the new drastic turn that I think is going to really have an impact on the world.

And, this means perhaps that parts of the world will be far, far less desirable than they currently are.

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