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As you can probably tell due to an abuse of quotes from the show in recent emails, I recently started watching House of Cards.

It’s something my girlfriend suggested, she’d heard good things about it. I dig the show.

It’s become our “thing” to do together in the evenings; not much else to do in the frigid EE weather. Right when she started, she asked that I not watch any without her, at any point.

So of course, last week I did watch one without her.

That’s not the point though.

I used my actions as a way to ignite a little bit of Dread Game to her.

Here’s how.

When I told her what I’d done, which of the following do you think I said to her?

#1: “Hey dear, sorry, I watched an episode without you.”



Kyle: “Hey babe, we need to talk.”

Her: “Okay…”

Kyle: “I have some bad news…”

Her: “What is it???”

Kyle: “I cheated on you…”

Her: [mouth starts to open]

Kyle: “And watched an episode of House of Cards.”

Her: “I HATE YOU KYLE!!!” [while starting to make out with me]

Now, it’s worth noting that this is NOT “nuclear” Dread Game. That would be more like going out for a night with the boys and not responding to any texts for the whole night. My relationship doesn’t need that, because I keep it in check.

But this little “spike” with the dramatic build up is an emotional high-low that women LOVE. This is a perfect example of keeping a girl on her toes, in a clever way that doesn’t require you being a total tool to do so.

Here’s the deal:

Is it a bit jerkish?

You betcha.

But I’d much rather be a bit of a jerk and be loved than be a nice guy and hated. If there’s one piece of advice I can truly give to get good with girls, it’s to learn this type of small amused mastery. It keeps them lubricated and lovin’.

Plus, it’s good for you, too. Screwing with their heads. Immense pleasure once you learn how to do it right.

Speaking of immense pleasure, you can learn how to really do that here:

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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