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I’ve had some fantastic business days over the last three years, highlighted by the niche site webinar last November where I made more in a night than I did in a year at a corporate job.

But, this past weekend, I decided to list some of my niche sites for sale.

Because I want to focus on the big things.

Here’s why it might affect you, too.

You understand that the more things on your plate, the less focus you have. And while many people like to say “multi-tasking” is some great skill, it’s really overrated because it means you’re just distracted. So, being able to clear the plate with my little “Digital Real Estate” assets was nice, and I took home a nice, unexpected five-figure payday this weekend from selling sites that I don’t really work on our touch anymore, anyway.

Is it a huge amount?

Naw, not in the scheme of things.

But, I wasn’t expecting it.

If someone randomly gifted you a five-figure check, you wouldn’t complain, right?

Perfect segway for this:

Reader Tony writes in to ask a solid question about how quickly you can “make it” when it comes to online business.

Unfortunately, me thinks me won’t like the answer…

Brilliant Kyle. Realistically no BS how quickly best case vs worst case scenario can you help a guy like me earn a 6 figure income working part time? I have zero online sales experience but I sell intangibles for a living. Thanks Kyle.

6-figure income?

Part time?

How many people can really make a 6-figure income working full time with a “real job”?

The answer:

Not many.

Seriously, anyone who tells you that online business is somehow easier or takes less time than a normal job is flat-out lying to you. It’s more effort, it’s more up and down, it’s more risk. The time to get rolling and really make a decent income (say $50k) is enormous. You probably aren’t going to do that part time, and especially not as you work a real job full-time. I’m a perfect example of this, really, my blog rumbled along making a whopping $5k a year while I was still working full time as a computer engineer. I just didn’t have the energy or ability to dedicate to it.

So, my answer to Tony…


I canĀ help you earn a 6-figure online income working part time, but ultimately…

The only one who can truly do it?

Is you.

Here’s how…

Noob Niche Site

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