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A while back, I sent out an email telling people to bugger off if they didn’t like me, or expected extra free stuff.

A reader asked me some advice about where he was traveling. He had never bought anything from me, but had been on my list for over a year. I happily gave him some basic advice over the course of 3 emails, and then he got butthurt I wouldn’t answer in huge depth after that.

So then, I wrote:

Now, this reader is NOT a subscriber. One of the great and many perks of being a subscriber is that I’ll answer any question you have, in depth, on the show (and I’ll usually answer it via email, too). All for the whopping cost of $5 a month. Plus, you get 8 podcast episodes + other goodies, every month.

More to the point:

Anyone who has ever bought ANY of my products, or who is a current subscribing member? I’d go to the moon and back for you, no questions asked.


This reader has been on my list for almost a year and has never bought a thing. But, I’m a relatively nice guy and I do want to help my fellow man, provided I can send off a quick response and they don’t continue to bother me repeatedly. Then his obvious bootie-hurt comes through when I wouldn’t make give him in-depth advice about a choice that should really be his, not mine.

In general, I highly advise you to avoid these people. If someone always needs a guarantee from YOU to do something for THEMSELVES, it means they will take credit if it goes well, and conveniently push all blame to you should it go bad.

Not the kind of people I want to deal with, and not the kind of people I want as my customers, either.

This is no joke.

So, if you agree with this fella that I am a big meanie-head-jerk-face, and that I should should dole out unlimited amounts of advice free of charge, please, please hit that unsubscribe button in my next email.

Trust me when I say — we are NOT a good fit.

Enjoy my emails but aren’t ready to buy? No problem at all, and I mean that.

Just don’t expect me to work for you for free. That’s all I ask.


And you know what happened?

I got some unsubscribes. But, something else happened, too.

I made a bunch of sales. So, it’s all fine by me.

Enough that I could easily replace said subscribers that I lost in the form of paid advertising. This is what happens when you take chances, email often, and just show up every day. Some people will hate you.

And others will REALLY love you.

In any case, if you want to get a head-start on building an email list and doing it with a great company…

Give ConvertKit a shot. Details here:

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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