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I’m a huge proponent that everybody needs to be able to cold approach girls. I’m also of the mindset that everybody need some time off once in a while. And that them womenz shouldn’t rule your life.

And rule their life they will, if you let them.

I know it’s cliche and gets used all the time, but all men need a Mission that goes before the boobies.

When you have the skills to keep girls around, and the frame that sucks new ones in – life goes on EZ-street.

What do I mean by this?

1.) If you can keep girls around, keep them wanting more, and draw them into YOUR world, then you’re going to have them coming to you beck and call.

You’d be shocked how a girl who is just a casual fuckbuddy will go out of her way to pick up food for you, bring it to your house on a random Monday at 9pm, suck your dick, and then turn around and do the dishes.

Every girl has that side of her waiting to be unlocked, you just need to know what buttons to press.


2.) How to suck new ones in. You know how when you’re a kid, if you were EVER told you couldn’t do something – you instantly had to go and do it? Well, that doesn’t go away for adults, men and women alike.

So when a girl knows she “can’t” have you because other girls do, she’ll be trying even harder to win your affections. Now, it used to be that men would be married, so it was much more taboo. These days with Tinder, it’s normal to date multiple people, but, that hardwired instinct to want what she can’t have WORKS.

This means when you already have girls, new ones are easier to come by.

Much like how once you have some money, it’s easier to make MORE money.

Best of all?

All of this can be learned, implemented, and already paying dividends within a month if you follow the techniques I’ve laid out in my book.

Details here:

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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