How to be “deliciously sexist” and loved by women



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“Hi Kyle. I don’t know who messed you up, but your sexism is never going to help you find real love.”

I’ve heard this, or some version of it, literally hundreds and hundreds of times over the last 6.5 years since starting “This Is Trouble”.

And, you know what I’ve found?

Is that girls like a man who is “deliciously sexist”.

Meaning that he thinks he’s the boss, that he’s better than them, because, guess what — girls all want a man they can look up to (who is better than them).

The one thing that many people, especially the haters, is that it’s possible to think of yourself as better than women (giving them all the cocky vibes they dig), while at the same time completing adoring and loving women. You can love women for what they are while still being a bit sexist.

In fact, I think it’s one of the easiest things you can do.

But, it requires the right balance of dickhead and lover to make it work.

To learn how, flip to the hallowed halls of “Actually Abroad”, read the content, go through the courses, and I wager that by the time you get done, you’ll be as “deliciously sexist” as yours Troubly.

Here’s the link, but some of the content is coming down on January 10th, so best act fast:

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