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I’m home in California right now, and flipped on a football game today. What a mess, first. The game moves at a snails pace. NBA basketball isn’t any better these days either. Just so many ads. So much fluff. So much time wasted. 

Got me thinking.

What if football was pumped up in popularity over the last few decades purely to:

1. Make men lazy

They sit on the couch all day Saturday for college football, and all day Sunday for the NFL. Not to mention, the NFL has really moved to an ALL DAY thing on Sunday. Games start at 1pm EST and end around 10-11pm. Not to mention all the beer, wings, and other junk food that’s often consumed. And add in fantasy football and all the time and energy that takes…should I continue.

2. Rig the spread 

Most other sports have points in 1/2/3 increments, football has 1/2/3/6/7/8. 

3. Shovel mass amounts of ads 

I think there’s roughly 7-10 minutes of “play” time for a 60 minute “game” which is given a 3 and a half hour TV slot. Self explanatory.

Now, compare all this to the original football — soccer.

90 minute games, that sometimes run to…95 minutes.

No commercials or ad breaks with the exception of a 20ish minute halftime break. I don’t think fantasy is a thing (or at least I’ve never seen it).

So, you might ask…

What’s the point of all this?

Point is simple, really.

People live different lives abroad. And if you’re disillusioned with how things are in America, I think football is, in many ways, the epitome of today’s masculine culture.

(i.e. There ain’t much left of it, my little troubles)

While people DO like sports in other parts of the world, to me it’s always seemed significantly more in check than American football Sundays (not to mention, does ANYONE think American girls who yell and scream at the TV for football are attractive? Me thinks hard pass.)

It’s just one of the many differences about living abroad that I’ve noticed over the past few years.

Now, enough scramblin’ and ramblin’, to the point:

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