How Many Senators Are Millionaires From Their $150k/Year Salaries?



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I come across as “Anti-American” because I believe people deserve to have the bullshit they’ve been fed exposed and make their own choices.

People should have a chance to get off the ship before it sinks, or at least realize that the ship is sinking (though you can never rule out patching up the leaks, I suppose).

That doesn’t make me anti-American. It makes me a realist.

USA is as bad as any place.

Other places are just more brazen, so their citizens distrust the government.

The USA politicians are subtly stealing from citizens. The corrupted way is better. It’s like being cheated on and finding out versus being paternity frauded.

Would you rather have a politician plunder a country’s wealth and then eventually get run out of the country?

Or the slow, painful death of the wealth being sucked out of the country all while nobody is the wiser (and criticizes those who speak out).

The USA gives low-class, low-IQ idiots voting rights who then vote the people into office who give them the most stuff. This allows more power consolidation and greater long-term stealing of wealth. Other countries just have one dictator who makes a mad grab and then is gone. Granted, doesn’t always work.

Case in “putin”.

Mr. Vladimir will be in office until 2036.

But at least Russians aren’t having their income re-allocated to illegal workers, property taxes aren’t being raised everywhere, and best of all they can still work tax-free cash jobs if they want.

Nothing’s perfect. Nothing.

But let’s stop pretending the USA’s government and politicians are somehow…good.

We all know Putin’s a billionaire.

How many US Senators have 100 million+ net worth off their $150k/year jobs?

At least Russian has kept gay marriage and other politically correct BS out.

It’s the absolute worst to have your wealth stolen out from under you all while being told you’re a useless straight male and having your family authority stripped from you to boot.


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