How come girls get over it so much faster?



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There’s a common thing across just about all breakups.

Girl, at first, no matter if she is getting dumped or is the dumpee, cries hysterics. Like, bloody goddamn murder. She’s going to die without you kind of crying.

Meanwhile, the guy tends to be a bit more calm and cool about the whole thing. You know, what feminists would call “toxic masculinity”, or some shit like that.

But then something happens.

Within a week, a girl has forgotten all about that screaming bloody murder stuff. And what do you know, she’s hopped on a brand-new dick. All of a sudden, she seems a whole helluva lot better.

Meanwhilst (no that’s not a real word):

The guy has fallen off of his perch of macho-ness and is now the one who is down, depressed, and maybe even crying bloody murder, too. All of a sudden, the tides have shifted.

Now, listen up:

This is a biological mechanism. Think about it. When invaders used to take over lands, and then rape and plunder them women of the conquered land…what the hell were the girls supposed to do?

It was either put out and love the new guys, or…die. In this case, bloody murder would actually come true.

Not too great of options, are they?

So naturally, biology evolved to make sure that these girls would stay alive if they got “dumped”; or in this case, their husband/mate beheaded by the conquering tribe.

Very upsetting at first, but they’d come around. They had to.

So that’s why if you go through a breakup, expect her to bounce back quicker than you. It’s in her nature. No sense in being upset. Just remove her off of Facebook or other social media channels, and move the hell on with your life.

You’ll be much better off if you do so.

That’s all for today. Just remember, become a conqueruer and a plunderer of pussies, not the guy getting beheaded.

To become a pussy plunderer across the globe, go here or to the link below.

Keep causing Trouble,

Kyle Trouble

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