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In response to yesterday’s email, “Actually Abroad” subscriber Sean asked:

“I’d like to see a section on lodging. Do you recommend hotels, hostels, or Air BNB? The pros and cons of each, and your experience?”

Yours Troubly is proud to have never stayed in a hostel, because I’m a total, utter, complete snob that thinks I’m above it.

Truthfully though, I think if you’re a guy over the age of 25, it’s just…not a great look. Especially more so if you’re going to a foreign country to date the ladies. You want to take some hottie out, but then take her back to your hostel? Can’t afford a $30/night AirBNB isn’t a good look past a certain age. Hence, I’m really strongly against them in a lot of cases.

But, there are some cases where it can work…

Young guys traveling to exotic locales where there are lots of other drunk tourists, it can work then.

That’s just such a different crowd than I run with though.

Young, wild, free, often poor.

Just how it is.

Anyways, I’m currently putting together the “Travel Hacking With Hulk” audio series, a full training system on how to use miles and points to your advantage.

I’m giving it away to “Actually Abroad” subscribers once it’s live and published, which I anticipate being mid-February.

Hence, you’ll have until February 16th to subscribe and gain access.

I’ve personally racked up over a million combined miles at this point in my life (combined between air, hotels, etc.), and gotten an obscene amount of value out of them, for very little work overall.

Anyways, subscribe here before that happens:

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