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I credit Kyle often for helping me to be where I am now. I encourage anyone serious about earning money online to give him the opportunity to help you, too. I'm still using the things I learned from him every day."


Kyle dispenses wisdom in a way that's easy-to-read and relatable. His writing style is accessible and familiar--you almost feel like you know him--his struggles, his triumphs, his experiences--through reading his essays. I highly recommend his works, which are insightful, funny, and full of good information.


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kyle's companies

Selo Olive

Co-founded in 2017 with Martin Erlic, Selo Olive produces some of the world's finest 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

In Croatia, the country's small coastal villages produce just 4,000 metric tons of olive oil per year. That's less than 1% of what Spain makes, and just 0.1% of the world's total olive oil supply.

That means every drop of olive oil we press is very special. In fact, Selo Olive Oil is pressed in small batches, just thousands of liters per year.

kyle's companies

Executive VA

Co-founded in 2020 with Ryan Booth, Executive-VA help founders free up their time, by connecting them to skilled, professional executive assistants, based in Eastern Europe.

When clients hire an executive assistant from EVA, their feedback is always the same:

“Why didn’t I hire one sooner?”

If you’re looking to spend less energy on tasks you don’t enjoy, so you can grow your business AND you want to bring on an A+ player to your team, EVA can help.

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