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Time for some fun Q&A before the holidays, but that have nothing to do with them.

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QUESTION: From reading your email letter, I had some questions. What Polish/EE website is the equivalent of OkCupid/Tinder/ Etc for meeting local girls in Poland? ​

ANSWER: Tinder is a viable option in Poland. is the other. ​

Most countries in EE have some sort of local site, if you can manage to find it and translate it, it’s a goldmine. The Cupid Media sites worked well too (Ukraine Date, Russian Cupid, Colombian Cupid, etc.) for me. These are all country-specific.

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Q: Was the LA job where you had absurd amounts of free time (bored out of your mind) and were making just under 6 figures #5 or #6?

A: Yep, that was it. I actually loved the company I worked with in San Diego (pretty prestigious Japanese co). The one in LA was a joke (government thinktank…you know how good ‘ol gov works).

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​Q (well, a comment): You’re one of the rare people that I keep reading from time to time and that I am not unsubscribed of the newsletter, that I started following a few years ago when the manosphere was more active at the time.

I must admit you’ve come a long way and there certainly can be noticed the change in the way that you’re speaking/writing. Not that it wasn’t true at the time, and it still holds its truth, but now it seems like it’s way more refined.

Mad respect, my man. Mad respect. Keep it up!

​A: ​I love hearing that shit. If you guys have feedback, send it my way. Especially if it’s ego-stroking, I’m fragile.

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​Q: ​I dig these emails you send every day. Is there a place I can read the archive?

​A:​ *Most*, not all, are over at

Ho, ho, hoe.

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​Keep causing Trouble,


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