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When people ask me the biggest difference between dating in America and dating abroad, it’s actually quite easy to sum up in one word:


I’m going to illustrate this point with a couple of very simple photos. This is Khachapuri, a Georgian dish. It’s sort of a cheese or meat pizza. It’s probably my favorite food I’ve found abroad, albeit it’s absolutely terrible for you.

I’ve got a couple of Georgian restaurants on the list of best restaurants in Kiev, so needless to say I think it’s quite unique.

I asked my Ukrainian girl if she could make it. The answer was, “No, but I can try.”

Fast forward a couple of days. It’s Sunday morning and she’s pouring over recipes on the internet to see what’s the best method of attacking the dough, cheeses, and how to cook it properly. It turned out to be relatively simple (compared to some other dishes she’s made in the past), and, well—they came out fantastic, too.

See for yourself:


The one on the left is a cheese version, and the one on the right is stuffed with minced meat.

That’s just it, the effort. She knows I love the dish, I mentioned it, and she went out and took it upon herself to figure it out. It’s that kind of effort from girls that makes dating abroad so different.

She is a good one, too. She makes my life easier, fun, and obviously tasty.

Just one word—effort.

If you’d like to try the recipes yourself, here they are:

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  1. Shoti in Kiev is an absolute blast. First time I’ve enjoyed a #1 TripAdvisor restaurant so much. I was there with a friend and we’ve ordered things that could fill three American guys and we’ve almost ate everything.

    Too bad Khachapuri is as far from healthy food as possible…

    1. Yes, I love that place. Went there for my birthday last year and it was spectacular. Drank a lot of wine from California, too!

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