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As some of you might know, I decided to take a dabble into eCommerce again, despite hating (rightfully so, I’d say) on Dropshipping for quite a long time.

Reason why is simple:

I needed a new challenge and a new avenue, and I really wanted (want) to learn paid traffic.

So, as the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend wrap up, I though I’d share with you that my store did $2,682 in sales in the month of November.

Now, for the kicker…

You know all those Shopify screenshots you see all over Twitter and YouTube?

They put some BIG numbers on there, often, and I’ve no doubt those numbers can easily be reached…

After all, you can just literally edit it in Google Chrome’s “Inspect” feature to put in whatever number your heart desires.

But, my PROFIT, i.e. the thing that matters on that $2,662 is…


Yeah, it ain’t much.

Granted, I’m still learning, testing, and failing at a lot of it, but that number is still pretty shocking. Most people will say that the REVENUE screenshots you see everywhere, the person is taking home only 10-20% of that in profit. Turns out my $405 is right in the middle of that at 15%.

Anyways, it’s not for the faint of heart, and there can be a lot of money going in, so, at this point, I still do believe that niche sites are a better option if you’re new to the whole online business thing.

I don’t have my flagship “Pro Niche Site” open right now, as I’m making some major upgrades to it, but I am selling the introductory “Noob Niche Site” for the time being.

Right now, it’s half off the usual price of $100 for Cyber Monday.

Today only, here’s the link:

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