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Last night was my final softball game of the season. My team was two men short, and I ended up playing third base (usually I play shortstop or center field).

Apparently, in Eastern Europe, 3rd base means that you literally MUST stand three feet in front of 3rd.

That way, you know – if a line drive comes right at your face you don’t have time to react and you get a nice ball to the face.

Absolutely stupid.

The rest of the infield kept telling me to play forward, play forward.

And I wasn’t about that.

Hell no. I’m young and still have a pretty face

No way I’m taking a line drive to the face for a casual softball team.

I did muck up the first ground ball that came my way, though I’d argue if I’d been playing where I wanted to play I would’ve made the play no problem.

I did hit the game-sealing grand slam last night, so my poor positioning was more than forgiven.

Now, listen up.

There are some risks in life that are absolutely worth taking. Those risks and the rewards that come from them are what builds your wealth and happiness in the long term.

But there are some risks which are just stupid.

Putting your entire life savings into a business idea your friend had but you didn’t vet? Stupid.

Quitting your job with $2,000 in the bank to travel and try to build a business? Stupid.

Taking a baseball to the face because the guys drinking beer told you to move forward? Stupid.

Don’t let peer pressure make you take a risk that you aren’t comfortable taking.

That doesn’t mean never to take a risk though. Just make sure you take the risks that are worth taking.

One more thing:

I’m opening up Pro Niche Site for the final time this year. And…there’s no risk to it, because I’ve got a 30 day, no questions asked guarantee.

Trying to build an online business with someone who has done it, for a low cost and with a guarantee? Smart.

To find out the goodies in the winter session (hint, an extra month of 1-on-1 coaching + more), click the link below:


Enrollment will close on November 1st.

Kyle Trouble

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