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A anonymous reader writes in with a sharp comment:

Man, I realized… the best feedback I get from any girl is when I treat them like a child. I act like a father would act with his baby daughter. Tease when you want to, raise your voice when you need to. 

If she’s bitching she wants food. If she’s bitching more. She needs sex. 

Now most of the time I can provide all that. But I’m just the quiet, tolerant joker child like 50% of the time to which extent I lose all of my battles with girls. 

For the joker part, I am pretty sure that I need to tame that personality down, as for the quiet part… Can you remain true to yourself by being the quiet type and still being able to dominate solely through body language and “less is more” kind of talks?

The thing about girls is that they complement men. Us men tend to take life a little too seriously. Unable to stop and enjoy the moments, and savor what we have. It’s always another mountain to tackle, another bridge to build.

Whereas women truly do live in the moment.

So yes, you should constantly be teasing and tormenting your girl if you want to keep the spark alive. Screw with her for your own self amusement. Occasionally show anger, even if you’re not actually angry.

All of this is good for your relationship and keeps things in “check”.


As far as the quiet type comments, I’ve found it’s best if a girl talks probably 60-70% of the time. When you speak, it should mean something.

Do not emote just for the sake of emoting.

Do not fall into endless drama and gossip discussions for the sake of having them.

Do not respond to every thing she says. Use grunts or shrugs instead.

Less is more.

Make her work for your words.

Actually, make her work for Every. Little. Thing.

Do this and your relationship will prosper endlessly.

I go into all of this and much more on the latest DANET podcast.

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