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I saw this video today, and I won’t lie, it gave me some chills.

Don’t take too much in to the text on the tweet itself, that’s making gross assumptions — but think about what is happening here.


Yes, you heard it right that they plan on removing people from their homes if they have come into contact with the wrong person who has COVID-19. They will be “moving” people.

Doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Quarantine the infected. I can get on board with that.

But really, really think about this…if they begin forcing it.

That is scarily close to something like this happening:

“Greetings, comrade…we are removing you from your home tonight regardless of what you wish because you speak out against The Party…”

The Party, in this case, being the Former Soviet Union.

I swear, Americans don’t get enough real lessons in history class, that much is quite obvious. Now look, I’m not saying what the Ventura County Health Department said is anywhere near close to that, but it’s just one step closer — moving people from their homes is not that far away from forcibly removing people from their homes. You can deny it all you want, say that it would never happen in the United States of America, we have rights, etc. 

To that, I say, look at the way that rights have been trampled on for the sake of COVID-19.

This is just the continuation of it, and one that is a very, very slippery slope to walk on.

And, if you have ever read any Soviet history, it’s a slope that is very, very easy to just fall right off of, never to appear again.

Join the group that is figuring it out and making moves to prevent this kind of shyt from happening to ourselves.

Here’s where:


Keep causing trouble,


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  1. Governments have been taking kids away from families for years – it’s called government schools.
    This event is a natural progression.

    Government schools are an idea from the Communist Manifesto.

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