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Personally, I think it’s a travesty these days that parents tell their kids to move out of the house and go to college at 18 years old.

And to top it off they advice him to go $45,000 in debt to attend college.

The real irony is America has by FAR the biggest homes of any middle class.

They kick junior out to save on the food and so they have more space in their 4 bedroom 3,000 square foot home. Meanwhile, the Asian immigrants down the street have 10 people in the same house model.

I’m currently reading this book which has some insights. 

It’s painfully biased so keep an objective mind:

In a nutshell, when humans have prosperity they tend to be self destructive. 

Hard times build strong men and easy times build pussies. 

The generation who kicks their kids out of the house at 18 had it really, really good overall. 

Their kids will not have the same.

They kick junior out to save $50/week on food and $45/month on electricity.

That’s $3,000/year. 


Meanwhile he has to find a way to put himself through $100,000 of college and when he’s done he’ll have a $30k/year job with $1.5k/month rent. Baffling. I don’t know many kids who actually got KICKED out, but the general culture and society dictates you SHOULD move out or you’re a LOSER. Likely because the system relies on people paying for overpriced schooling. The same generation pressuring their kids to move out.

No doubt, my generation will do something screwed up to our kids that they’ll biyatch about one day, that’s just how the world works.

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