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“Actually Abroad” member David writes in to share his thoughts regarding the recent “$560 dinner” email…

However, it is important when traveling to know the local prices and if they are jacked up for a tourist.

It is so hard to know if you are being scammed by experts with a tried and true process.

When dating someone you have been chatting with online for a long time, it is hard to take the emotion out of it and even consider how this person could be using you.

He has an excellent point that’s worth touching on.

Namely, that men typically are the more logical and rational of the sexes, able to think through situations logically and with reason. Typically, it’s women who are more likely to react with their feelings and do something in the heat of the moment because it “feels right”.


There’s a saying in Eastern Europe, that’s actually passed around (from what I hear) from babushkas (grandmas) to their granddaughters…

“If you get his dick hard, he’ll do anything for you.”

Honestly, it’s hilariously true.

That’s the one moment where us men seem to have very little capacity for rational thought, willing to say and do anything it takes in order to get in whoever’s pants we’re trying to get in.

And, that can prove very costly.

Especially if the female being hunted is an experienced player herself, which, many in Eastern Europe are…

Anyways, there’s lots more money-making, saving, and good content inside October’s “Actually Abroad” section.

You’ll get:

– The Expat Tax Strat

– The A-Z guide to getting abroad

– All my books I’ve ever written

Here’s the link. Deadline is in two days at 11:59pm on 10/31:

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