From a Reader in Moscow



Comes some info from on the ground in Moscow:

What a difference two weeks make. I went on a date last Sunday and while I walked down from Lubyanka to Okhotny Ryad with the girl, I saw the Red Square closed, lots of policemen on the streets, a handful of paddy wagons waiting for demonstrators to be taken to the police station.

Baaaad, baaad vibes. 

I’m extremely skeptical of anything and everything from the Western media. At the same time, I’m not sure Russian media can be trusted to be any better.

Are Putin’s rallies forced? Are they dragging people in there and making them march and wave flags with fear of punishment if they don’t? All politicians stage things to a certain degree, after all, the world is a grand stage.

That said, when long-time readers like this sent me information from on the ground…

It’s worth noting.

Like I told him though, I’m not really the person to come to for pity for Russians at the moment. Anything that is happening to them is certainly not as bad as what has happened to Ukrainians.

That said, I think it’s a very tricky and dangerous slope for US leaders to be calling for Putin to be assassinated.


They seem to forget history…

Namely, which is that often times the people that come after are WORSE. Remember, Hitler had a few assassination attempts he thwarted…but they came because they people who tried thought they could do a BETTER job than he was doing at the time.

Worth noting, isn’t it?

Just like the next Republican President after Trump will likely be more extreme, the same would happen in the case of Putin.

Interesting to talk about, is it not?


I’m going more into this inside this month’s edition of “The Sovereign Press”.

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Kyle Trouble

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