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Virus “exspurts” have recently come out and said that you should not kiss anyone on New Year’s Eve, for fear of spreading the virus.

Good lawrd Jeezus.

Before taking advice from anyone, ask yourself:

“Would I trade lives with this person RIGHT NOW?”


I would not swap lives with Dr. Anfernee Fraudci.

I personally would not want to be an old government bureaucrat grifting on CNN, hated by everyone and loved only by the nation’s dummies. A career politician masquerading as a doctor of sorts.

Hence I will not take Dr. Fauci’s advice.

And, I suspect many of you wouldn’t take it, either.

You know, in many ways, Fraudci is the perfect example of our modern society. Take, for example, all the kids who masquerade with their penthouses and rented Lambos, telling everybody else what to do while not listening to any of the advice themselves. Professional bullshitters, professional grifters, the lot of ‘em.

Now, let me grift you a bit:

I’m putting on many of my old products on sale right now, into a Bootiful New Year’s Bundle.

Now, I fully admit — some of these are out of date, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Take, for example, “Pro Niche Site”.

While there’s lots of bid’ness goodness in it, a lot of it is also hopefully out of date. Things have gotten tougher, like Google’s algos, the competition, and more.

You may learn something, you may not.

However, I feel it important to be honest with you.

So you’ll have to decide if the other products in it, along with the “general” lessons of PNS are worth it to you.

Either way, as much as I’d love to be as Grifty as the shifty-Fraudci, I can’t bring myself to do so. 

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