Finland and Sweden Applying For NATO…What Could POSSIBLY Go Wrong?



Elect women, get WWIII.

That sure as hell seems to be the way that we’re going these days.

Not that I can really blame these countries for wanting to apply after watching what happened in Ukraine. That said, that is exactly how World Wars get started. People choose sides, and then one country is obligated to defend another country, which then brings another country in response, and on and on we go.

To me, I don’t understand why the USA should be obligated to defend a country like Finland, thousands of miles away.

It’s the constant and sickening meddling that never seems to stop, does it?

Just keep antagonizing enemies until they snap…which seems to be the current administration’s policy.

While I won’t make any predictions about the future, it is worth saying that history does often repeat itself.

Especially the atrocities of it.

Which is why I’m personally steering clear of Europe at the moment.

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Finland and Sweden Applying For NATO…What Could POSSIBLY Go Wrong?
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